AUSTIN, TX - MARCH 14: (L-R) Mickey Shiff, John Paul Caballero, Rob Banks, Stevent Vernet and Damon Kellard of White Arrows pose for a portrait backstage at Fader Fort presented by Converse during SXSW on March 14, 2012 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Roger Kisby/Getty Images)
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White Arrows günümüzün Dance Rock, indie rock ve Psychotropical Pop esintilerin harmanlandığı bir grup. Mickey Church, Henry Church, JP Caballero, Steven Vernet, and Andrew Naeve oluşan grubun maşası Mickey.
Doğuştan görme engeli olan Mickey, görselliği notalar üzerine kurmuş bir insan.
Grubun Get Gone ve Dry Land Is not Myth adlı bir Ep bir Lp’si var. LA’de yaşayan grubun bir çok fanı, katıldığı konserlerin yanı sıra Coachella Fest 2013’de sahne aldılar.

1)    How did the band came together and what were you doing before White Arrows?
 It happened kind of by accident. I was in college in New York, and I recorded some songs which kind of become popular on the internet.  So i graduated school early, and moved back to Los Angeles and formed the band with my brother and some friends.  We were all in school (high school and college) before/during White Arrows.
2)    What impact does musical context have on your writing? Does what’s popular at the time have any impact on how far you push your sound?
  I’m not sure.  We like all kinds of things– from modern music to classic music, so I think its just a giant ball of inspiration coming from every angle.
3)  What’s your songwriting process like, do you start with the melody, do you start with the track? How do you write songs? 
  We work more like producers.  We produce while we write.  Track by track in the home studio, and just add layers.  Could start with a  sound, or a melody, and just  keeps building from there.
4)    Do you enjoy being more mainstream?

I don’t know if we are mainstream. We haven’t really changed what we do, or try to do.  We still answer everyone that messages us, and make the music we wanna make.  Still as DIY as we ever were.

5)     What do you want to share about your Coachella Fest perform?
  It was maybe all of our biggest moment musically just because we have grown up going to that festival.  I’ve been  going every year since I was 14 years old.  I even snuck into the festival by lying and saying I was playing in one of the bands.  That was before they had computer  chip scanners embedded in the wristbands, but it’s crazy how it’s come full circle.  We were all very happy to be a part of such a giant piece of cultural significance.
6)    Who are you listen nowadays ?
I have a playlist that’s ever evolving of about 300 songs.  Everything from Alberto Iglesias to Jay Reatard to Drake.
7)    What is your new Project? Hope to see you soon in Istanbul!       
We are just happy to be off tour for a little bit to make new music, so whatever is coming out of us is coming out.  We are just making music with nothing in mind, and are going to sort it all out later.
 Hope to see YOU in Istanbul <333
Lots of Love,