Instagram’da The Maccabees ile ilgili videoma gelen like üzerine kim ki bu ? Diye bakıp bir link sayesinde sitelerine girip sonrasında albümlerini dinleyip çok beğendiğim Wildcat Strike ile bir röportaj gerçekleştirdim. Kendilerini daha çok Indie – Rock’n Roll Band olarak tanımlıyorlar. 5 kişiden oluşan Salt Lake City (ABD)’li grubu yakından tanıyoruz şimdi.  

 Who is Wildcat Strike ? Who are Tony, Jake, Jordan, Will, Joe ? answered by Will

We consider ourselves a Rock n Roll band.  Anything rock n roll works with us I guess… whether its blues, indie, something you can dance to… whatever works for the song we are writing.  Tony is the lead singer, plays rhythm guitar, and does the majority of the song writing, although it is still collaborative.  Jake plays bass and helps with lead guitar.  Jordan plays lead guitar, helps with drumming.  Joe plays the drums.  I (Will) play the keys, once upon a time played the bass in the band.
 What’s the story behind your name? (Will)
To be honest, we don’t have a monumental story behind it… Tony’s dad was just explaining to him what a Wildcat Strike was.  If you arent familiar, a wildcat strike isa strike undertaken by workers without approval from the officials of their union.”  Basically, Tony thought it was a cool band name right when he heard it, thought it would be fun to make a band with his close friends, and the rest is history.
 How do you work together, how have your personal tastes developed? Can you explain your creative process? (Jake)

Our creative process is a little bit all over the map. Each of our songs has it’s own little story behind it and that’s probably what’s so fun about it. Entire songs have been built around one idea for a guitar or bass part and the lyrics have come as sort of a reaction to the song, and lots of parts have come directly from just noticing that something sounds cool while we are messing around.  However, the main ingredient in most of our music is Tony. Aside from being a natural songwriting talent, he has been writing and performing music for years and has worked extremely hard to become good at it. Most of the time, Tony comes to us with an idea for a song that he’s been working with recently (Tony has a truly unique ability to express a lot of ideas very succinctly and since he’s been writing music for so long, he is able to write deeply personal lyrics/songs really quickly and naturally). We then get together in our practice space (Jordan’s basement) and mess around with all the moving parts of a song: structure, chord progressions, effects, etc..etc…etc… until we come to something we all like. We try to be honest with each other about if we like something or don’t like it and we are usually willing to give any idea a try. Why else does music exist?

What is the main idea of your first album? (Jake)
Assigning one main idea to our first album might be difficult. It might help to explain some of the things that we were sort of reacting against: 1. We were all really really sick of bands that have pigeon-holed themselves into really specific genres with nine word names like “post-acid late 60s revival psychedelic garage blues rock” or “early 80’s proto-steam-punk electronica house music” or “antebellum south gypsy-hobo country bluegrass swing”. This seems to limit those bands to a very specific and contrived sound that has to be repeated to keep true to their sacred genres. It also seems togenerate some really silly costume wearing to create personae to fit the music genre. 2. We were sick of boring music. Music should be fun and interesting and it should mean something to the listener and the artist. Lots and lots of popular music is created very impersonally and usually involves some tween-ager preaching to the world about overcoming personal hardships and trials that they know nothing about.
The album as a whole is a reflection of our efforts to have fun collaborating and making music that we liked. Jordan (our drummer, guitarist and de facto sound engineer) worked meticulously for hundreds of hours to get our songs to reflect the passion and feeling we all had at that moment is our lives. I think there is a lot of meaning in our songs, but each person will hear what they will hear and our music might affect them differently. We just love making music and have had so much fun doing it so far.
How very The Black Keys of you and How very Arctic Monkeys of you. (Will)
How very kind of you.  Of the 2, I think we would consider ourselves more Artic Monkeys, but both are nice compliments.
What’s your favourite music festival?  (Roskilde, Reading, Glastonbury etc) AndWho would play with you at your dream festival?(Will)
It’s a shame, but it has been a long time since any of us have been to a music festival.  We are all more or less broke, so that makes it hard  I know Jordan has been to Sasquatch and had a good time.  However, being from Salt Lake, we do get a lot of great musicians coming through.  We have an awesome weekly concert series called Twilite concert series.  You get to see amazing bands like the Flamming Lips, Grizzly Bear, The National, Youth Lagoon for only 5 Dollars.  Ludacris is even in the line up this year!  It looks like FSF fest in LA has a good line up as well this year. As far as our dream music festival, playing anywehere outside of the States would be awesome… so Roskilde woud be amazing, or being able to get to the UK to play Glastonbury would be unreal.
What are you listening to as of late? (Tony)
I think lately we’ve been pretty excited about some more current bands like Parquet Courts,Delta Spirit, Okkervil River, and The Maccabees. That being said, we are always listening to older stuff like T-rex, The Rolling Stones and The Zombies.
Hope to see you at İstanbul! Good Luck guys!

We hope we get a chance to go to Istanbul!  Thank you for the awesome interview!

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