Son saniyelerde ortaya çıkan bir solo, müziğin tam ortasında yakaladığınız bir ritim, ufak bir ses ya da bir ton bir müzik grubuna intisab etmek için tatminkar sebeptir.
    PacificUv ile tanışmam 2 yıl öncesine dayanıyor. 2008’de yayımlanan Longplay 2 adlı albümlerinden  baştan sona enstrumantal kayıt olan Oslo parçası, 10 dakikalık bir sarsışla ”nasıl yani ya?” hayretiyle üst üste dinleyerek 3 yıllık gecikmenin telefasini yapmaya çalıştım. Grubu araştırmadan kafamda belli bir müzikal kimliğe oturttarak eski şarkılarını dinlemeye başladım ama her albümde bambaşka bir PacificUv ile karşılaştım.Bunda en büyük etken röportajda da okuyacağınız üzere grubun çok fazla üye değişimi yaşaması ve her albümde kendilerinin tanımları üzerine ”yeni perspektif” yaşamaları.
     Kurucularından Clay Jordan ile toplamda 4 kişiler. PacificUV‘nın 4 Lp’si, 3 Ep’si bulunmakta. Post Rock, Indie-Dreamy-Pop, Electronic ve bir çok genre’lere ekleyebileceğiniz bir portföyü var. The Smiths‘den  Please Please Please cover’ ı da bulunan grubun müzikleri biraz zor. İçine girmek sabır istiyor. Röportaj soruları da grubu tanımaya ve fikir edinmeye yönelik. Spotify’dan hazırladığım Playlist’de grubun tüm albümlerinden parçalar içeriyor. Arşivlerinizde umarım şarkıları yer bulur!

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1) What inspired PacificUv’s name?
(Clay Jordan) Well, we were having a hard time coming up with a name but we liked the connotations that the Pacific Ocean suggested- sunlight, warmth, a languid feeling. At a time we were considering the word “pacific” we were listening to “automatic” by jesus and mary chain and they had a song with UV in the title. We decide to add the UV onto the end. I wish it wasn’t this random, but it is.
2) As a band you are very mysterious, with little details on your bio and background. What are some random interesting facts about your band/ yourselves you can share with me?
(Clay Jordan) 
1. Our original singer and co-founder is now a psychiatrist!

2. We are not that popular in the United States but for some reason we do really well in Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

(Lemuel Hayes) I’ll speak for myself here: pretty intense sci-fi guy. i love doctor who, the warhammer series of games, and I’m a sucker for the Aliens franchise
3) How would you describe your sound?
(Clay) What a difficult question! Maybe three chords being playing in a really large cave… Or maybe the sound of the moon when it is full.

(Lemuel) I’d say that it depends on the album in question. Each pacificUV record has a different aesthetic, but one of the unifying themes would be the shoegazey guitars. From a drum standpoint, they can go from very minimal, say Weekends, to something really intense, like Longplay 2.
4) As you know, there are many past members of your group. How to effected PacificUV’s sound this stiuation?
(Clay) Each record has had a slightly different line up which has affected our sound. Every person adds their own thing. For instance, on this last our singer was a poet, so the lyrics were much more considered and upfront than on previous records where the words and melodies took back seat to the music.
5) Can you share some information about the your new album ”After your dream you awake” and new single ”summer girl”
(Clay) This album was recorded in late 2012 in Athens, Georgia. We demoed about 15 songs and whittled it down to around 10. We wanted to make a record that borrowed from 1980’s synth pop and one in which the vocals were more upfront. Overall, the record deals with the apocalypse.
(Lemuel) After The Dream You Are Awake is the first full-length record that I recorded with the band. I joined in shortly after Weekends was completed. We chose to separate “Summer Girls” as a separate single release because it was considerably more upbeat both in sound and substance than the songs on After The Dream You Are Awake. 
6) What are the best albums of 2013?
(Clay) hmmmm. my vote would be for “Nepenthe” by Juliana Barwick.
(Lemuel) I don’t know about the best, but here are some that I’ve enjoyed:
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Specter At The Feast Elvis Costello and The Roots – Wise Up Ghost The National – Trouble Will Find Me Kalen Nash – Ukred T. Hardy Morris – Audition Tapes Nitemoves – Themes Queens of the Stone Age – …Like Clockwork Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away
I spent a good part of the year listening to a lot of jazz, so I’m sure that’s why my list isn’t longer!
7) Thank you so much! Hope to see you in Istanbul!

We would LOVE to play there. Invite us over!