Pool consists of three musicians and friends that have been making music together since they were fourteen years of age. Daniel Husten, David Stoltzenberg and Nils Hansen have been constantly evolving musically since the early days. They started off as a standard three piece grunge band, but soon it was clear to everyone witnessing them on their instruments that this was just a start.

1)How did you all meet, and what’s the story behind your band name?  
  -We started our band when we were 13 years old. We had lots of different horrible bandnames until we finally chose the name “Pool” in 2012. We really like the sound of the word and its different meanings.

2) What music do you think has influenced Pool’s sound – is there any particular artist or album that had the most influence?
– We’re three persons and we all have very different tastes in music! Daniel listens to a lot of German HipHop, Nils likes Soul and Disco and David catches up with straight forward Pop. But of course there are some artists we all like – D’Angelo for example.

3)Do you fee like you have a good base of fans at Germany?
 –  Yes of course! We have some folks that are constantly giving feedback to all that we’re doing – and that’s a great feeling!

4) What do you think about SXSW, and how was it?
 – SXSW was very exciting for us. It was our first time leaving Europe as a band. We met a bunch of great people from all over the world, played amazing shows and made new friends.
5) What were you listen this week ?
 there would be another Top 5 every week! 🙂
1) Know Wassup – Tamiya
2) More Champagne – The Canyons
3) Beggin’ You – Liem
4) Far Cry – Marvin Gaye
5) Run Dry – Sizarr

6) What is your next year plan? 
 – We have lots of plans for the next year. Our debut album for example…
7) Thank you guys! 🙂 
– Thank YOU, Burak! 🙂

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